Dreams - My Lamp Unto The Darkness

Walt Stover
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This book describes how the author used dreams for almost 30 years for (1) Great career guidance. (2) Vastly improved health, and (3) Excellent investment results. Numerous examples are given on how this worked in all areas of the author's life. Substantial evidence is given to document the occurrence of precognitive dreaming with many historical examples. A twelve step method is presented for actually developing your own intuition leading to greatly improved dreaming. An easy Seven Step approach is given that lets you rapidly interpret your own dreams and start applying this powerful guidance to your own life. Specific examples of how this interpretation process works are illustrated with actual dreams. Twenty five methods are also presented for helping you improve dream recall or incubate dreams on subjects of your choice. In 1998, the author created the Precognitive Stock Market Dream group that now has 22 members around the world. They share about fifteen stock investment dreams per month in this group. The final chapter describes the operation of this group and of the many investment successes they have enjoyed in the past eight years.

Author Bio

Walt Stover has a Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering and worked in research and product development for two Fortune 500 companies. He began studying dreams at the Edgar Cayce organization in Virginia Beach, VA in 1978, and has over 15,000 dreams in his journals. In 2001, he received a Masters Degree in Transpersonal studies from Atlantic University and wrote a thesis on dream interpretation. He has received excellent dream guidance and precognitive dreams on many subjects for almost three decades. Walt began his interest in investing in his late teens. Five years after starting his dreams studies, he began having precognitive dreams about the stock market in 1984. By the mid 1990's he was actively using dreams to guide his investment strategies. These investment dreams have produced excellent results for over ten years. In 1998, he formed the Precognitive Stock Market Dream Group to share these dreams with others having similar experiences via the Internet. This group has 22 members located in Australia, Canada and the USA. They share approximately fifteen stock investment messages per month within this group.


Highly recommended & fascinating. A "Must Have" for serious dream exploration. Numerous true examples of precognitive dreams on many subjects.
-- Amber Silverstar, Metaphysical Internet Blog Site, Pasadena, CA

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