Fighting the Good Fight

Craig Settles

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ISBN: 1-58776-836-4
Soft Cover
288 Pages

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“Fighting the Good Fight for Municipal Wireless” is a roadmap for using municipal wireless and mobile workforce applications to cut costs and run a better, more responsive government operation.

This guide to action
  • recounts Philadelphia’s efforts against incredible obstacles to launch its initiative;
  • includes interviews with city officials, steering committee members, constituent groups and vendors involved with the project;
  • helps you develop the business case for your government’s use of municipal wireless technology; and
  • presents key lessons to help you successfully deploy wireless technology .
Using a combination of narrative and directive, business strategist Craig Settles gives you a foundation for planning your own wide-scale wireless project. Fighting the Good Fight doesn’t provide all the right answers. It poses questions you need to ask to determine what answers are right for you.

There's more to municipal WiFi than putting up a network. A significant amount of time and resources are required if you want to use the technology to improve government operations and seriously tackle social and economic development issues. Fighting the Good Fight is a reality check that every city needs.

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About the author

Craig Settles, with 18 years experience helping organizations understand how technology can improve their bottom line, punctuates participants’ observations with additional points to consider.

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