Soul Encounters - Love Letters from the Soul

Sandy Hubert
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ISBN: 1-58776-834-8
Soft Cover
249 Pages

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You have a ‘luminous Soul’ – as has every one of us.

Soul Encounters, written by a healer who has practiced Soul healings & readings for 20 years – can help one conquer self doubt, and all other negative emotions which arise from not knowing one’s true self.

It contains excerpts from the inspired love messages [Letters] from the deepest Realm of the Soul, and from a higher spiritual plain of more than 50 individuals.

These ‘Love Letters’ affirm the Spiritual Truth that we all carry within us. They contain an ‘Emotional Stress Relief Guide’ for quick reference during times of despair.

The words and rhythm within help connect the reader to their own Soul, the ‘source’ of love and peace. This book then becomes a ‘self healer.’

For a tender audio reading from "Soul Encounters: Love Letters from the Soul," a Radio Show about - "What is the Soul?" - by the Author, a bio. and testimonials, pleas visit her website -

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From Intro of writer to audience at the M. Society Gathering

“ Sandra Hubert is a Soul Healer and Reader. She has spent 20 years doing healings and readings from the “Level of the Soul”. Her new book, ‘Soul Encounters: Love Letters from the Soul’, is a “Self Healer” and contains excerpts from these readings. And it has a – Stress Relief Guide – for emotional emergencies. “

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